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DigDig io
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DigDig io

DigDig io is a pretty addictive multiplayer online game where you have to dig ground in order to grow bigger and dominate the server. There are several rules which you must follow in order to succeed in this game. The first and main rule is to avoid hitting lava - it will kill you. At the beginning of the game you should also run from bigger players which can easily kill you. You can try to find some special resources to make you grow faster and make your armor stronger. When you are big enough, you can try to hunt for smaller players but keep an eye on your life bar - if it is reduced, even small players can kill you. All in all, Dig Dig is a pretty interesting online game with several game modes including Battle Royale. You can enjoy it with your friends by sending the party link so you both can join the same server and even play as a team. Read more useful tips about the game below and enter the world of diggers at our website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which Game Modes Are Available In DigDig?

[FFA] - Free For All mode.
[TDM] - play in one team with other players.
[TAG] - hide and seek!
[Battle Royale] - the last alive player wins the game.
[Maze] - all players play in a maze

What Are Game Controls?

[Move]: mouse
[Accelerate]: hold the LMB
[Brake]: hold the RMB

Main Features Of The Game

Earn ponts by digging to grow bigger.
Different resources to become stronger.
Unlock achievements and progress.
Several game modes to choose from.

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